Thursday, September 20, 2012

Still looking...

It's almost been a week and still no luck with finding any new members. :(
Right now the #1 person I'm trying to find is a Korean translator without that the group won't last for long. So far there's only TWO places that I know of that allows me to recruit. Where else should I look?

Come on people! Don't you want to read your not "so typical" shoujo manhwa like Rure or Shining? Please join, I know you are out there some where Korean translator! ^0^


  1. Have you tried recruiting over at Batoto? You may also want to try bartering with established teams for a trade (edits for trans) or joints. It's a shame I don't know Korean.

    Seems like you've selected interesting projects so far and I was wondering if you have a group email for recruitment purposes. I'm interested in applying as an editor and don't really want to leave my email for the public :)

  2. @zombiepanda

    That's great, you can just email me at: bloodybutterflyscans[DOT]gmail[DOT]com

    I just found a Korean translator recently, so things will start moving fast.:)