Friday, September 14, 2012


Title: Rure
Author: SEO MOON Da Mi
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Shoujo, Gender Bender
Status: 17 volumes Ongoing

Ha-Ru is the daughter of a family that rules a remote island--she is also the heiress to this secluded land, something that Ha-Ru's half sister, Mi-Ru, resents. When Mi-Ru becomes upset and runs away, Ha-Ru follows her--and magically they are ushered into a foreign desert! And in this land, it's survival of the fittest!

Volume 01:  Released by Unknown
Volume 02:  Released by Unknown
Volume 03:  Released by Wild Rice
Volume 04:  Released by Wild Rice
Volume 05:  Released by Wild Rice

Volume 06: 
Chapter 1: Released by Wild Rice
Chapter 2: Raws Needed
Chapter 3: Raws Needed
Chapter 4: Raws Needed
Chapter 5: Raws Needed

Volume 7: Raws Needed
Volume 8: Raws Needed
Volume 9: Raws Needed
Volume 10: Raws Needed
Volume 11: Raws Needed
Volume 12: Raws Needed
Volume 13: Raws Needed
Volume 14: Raws Needed
Volume 15: Raws
Volume 16: Raws
Volume 17: Raws | Scanned
Volume 18: Raws


  1. if you need the RAWS u can find them here

  2. @Hinata Hyuuga

    Thanks for the link;:) though I think the lj journal account hasn't been updated in a few years so most likely the links are dead. I did happen to find some raws online however most of them were in low quality or had huge watermarks on them. So, I'll just have to purchase the books.

  3. Here is two links to some raws -
    Hope this helps!

  4. I really hope those scans on love-manwha can be picked up for translating! >.< I think we would all really like to keep reading Rure after all these years. I would help contribute to the project, but I don't know how to read Korean. ;-;

  5. years later, i'm still waiting. haha any support group for this? i'm a sad case. xD

  6. None of the raw links work :/