Friday, April 05, 2013

Potential changes & Rure spoilers

Hello there fellow fan girls and leechers who don't want to do anything, it's totally understandable. I'm starting to think that it would be better to axe the idea of starting a scanlation group. Instead maybe it's a better idea if this blog is used for summarizing current manhwa series. I've seen plenty of blogs like that and I thought it was a really good idea since the amount of time in scanning/cleaning the raw takes a long time. Plus people tend to disappear randomly, so with just myself and a few Korean translators this place can manage.

Series I will be summarizing:
Rure -
Shining -
Boy from the Moon - (hoping this isn't on hiatus again!) -

...and a few new titles, I have yet to translate the titles. :P

I've been keeping track of Rure although, I can't understand what's going on at least there are pictures to know somewhat. It was pure torture when Haru and Kuya were separated for 3 whole volumes. It really upset me that Kuya ditched Haru in her world, they finally met 3 years later (I think) and sealed their love for one another. XD I find it strange to see this older Kuya who expresses his feelings for Haru so easily, I'm not really complaining about that since I always thought the two made a good couple. But looking at it character wise, Kuya's character seemed to change a bit. I may be wrong since I have no clue what they are saying, but it seems like this Kuya is only concerned about his love for Haru and not so much for what's going on (people dying, etc.) maybe he's trying to run away after getting hurt from past experiences. As for Miru things are not so well for her. Jumping back before the reunion between Haru and Kuya, during the time where Kuya left Haru in her world Miru remained in the other world under the care of this tattooed-faced man (have no clue what his name is). However after the reunion she ran away from him and now is currently held captive. I miss Yanok so much he hasn't appeared for 4 volumes or so I'm really looking forward to a 17 year old Yanok. :) But too bad he missed out Haru and Kuya are officially a couple. :)

< Shot with my crappy phone camera ^

Please come join! I want KOREAN Translators!


  1. I'm dead curious to know what happens in The Boy from the Moon! Although I'd love to see it scanlated, I'm happy to know you will summarize it at least. :) Cheers from Brazil!

  2. If you are looking for the raws of Rure vol 1-18 , I will post them soon on my blog :

    1. Thank so much for telling me! :) I hope they are medium quality scans, because I would hate to take apart my Rure books (vol. 15-18).

  3. this images, who is you manhwaka? are cute.